Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is coming!!!

You guys! Fall is coming!! As I drive to work in the mornings my little car thermostat has started registering A LOT cooler in the mornings (example, this morning it was 59 as I drove to work!) and I need a sweatshirt for the first little bit every morning.

I love it.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and it makes me SO HAPPY that Fall is practically here. What I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around is the fact that it is the 12th of September. Man. Where does time go????

Anyways, I have some good news for all y'all. TWO pieces of good news actually....

1.  Soldier Boy decided at the beginning of the month that it would be better for him to live closer to me and his daughter rather than closer to work (which actually ended at the beginning of September) SO...he's been looking for somewhere to live. Well, a facebook friend in my ward posted something on the ward facebook page Monday morning, Soldier Boy called and he has a place to live that is literally down the street from me. :o) This is PERFECT for us and is going to be SO GREAT.

2. A LONG time ago, Soldier Boy put in his packet to be promoted from a Specialist in the reserves to being a Sergeant. After a long time waiting, lots of paperwork and a sliver of good news last week, he was issued his orders as a SERGEANT yesterday. The BEST thing about this is that because of the slowness and the fact that his orders should have come through a LONG time ago, they were back dated to 1 May 2012. Meaning....he'll get a nice back pay paycheck coming to him as soon as they process that paperwork. (oh the paperwork in the military. ick) ANYWAYS. this is a BIG DEAL and we're so grateful it came through when it did. He'll have his "pinning" ceremony this weekend at his monthly drill exercise and it's going to be great. I am so proud of him for completing this HUGE milestone. :o) My boyfriend is the best.

So there you go! We're hoping for one more big piece of news in the coming weeks, but we have to wait a little bit for I'll stay hush-hush about it for a while longer. In the meantime, we just keep chugging along. :o) Ciao!