Saturday, November 26, 2011

This happened yesterday:

Christmas threw up in my living room. here, i'll prove it to you.

yup. definitely a disaster zone right now. so what do I do to combat the disaster that I need to deal with?

  • I made a mail organizer. (I tried to follow this one tutorial, and being my mother's daughter I tried to guesstimate on my own measurements. This mail organizer is one of THE ugliest things I have ever made.'s functional!)
  • made a pumpkin pie. I did not do any pie baking for Turkey day (we ate dinner @ Mimi's cafe...that story coming later!) so today I did a little baking here and there.
  • made my favorite jello salad. I'm cooking dinner tomorrow night for Monkey Man (and maybe some friends? we'll see) and I'm rather excited about it!
  • danced around in my kitchen to the wonderful sounds of Michael Buble and She & Him Christmas albums (seriously, they rock. go buy them! The She & Him one is only $5 on Amazon MP3 Downloads right now!)
  • went and bought fun new Christmas floral things. as if i didn't have enough Christmas stuff to begin with...
  • and now I'm contemplating making some new pillow covers for the holidays.
and yes...the mess is still in my living room 24 hours later...ha ha ha ha. I promise it will be gone....eventually. ;)


Maggie B. said...

hey, you got me beat! My Christmas Tree is all set up on my front porch. It's a long story, but basically it stinks to high heaven and I'm afraid to put it in my living room.

I hope it airs out soon.