Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy it's Thursday!

Wow. Is it just me or has this week been eternally long? Honestly....Yesterday felt like it should have been Friday and yet it was only Wednesday. Also - work has been absolutely insane and I think I'm slowly going crazy.

Anywho. Let's get this show on the road before the phones ring again and I have to get myself to a meeting....
  • I burned myself with my 3-barrell curling iron on Saturday. :( 
  • I have a dinner-date with Monkey Man tomorrow night. I'm very much looking forward to that.
  • There's Blue Tango dancing tonight (like always) but I'm not sure I'm going to go. I might come home and go to bed instead. We'll see.
  • I'm subbing for another teacher tonight so I'll be teaching later than normal. That is one of the reasons why I might not go dancing. Plus...I am really, really tired right now. But maybe I'll have more energy later?
  • I know last week I hinted at doing a post on my's coming. Promise.
  • I think I need some cupcakes. I really like cupcakes.
  • I have a girl's night out coming up next week and I am just SO excited about it. PLUS I love the girls that I'm hanging out with which means that that evening should be just utter fantasticness.
  • I have too many craft projects that I want to do. :P
  • So I think I might need to have a crafty afternoon where I don't worry about how clean my house is - but instead I just craft away my day. Sounds like a good plan right?
I'm pretty sure there's something else I was going to mention to y'all today, but seriously? My brain is fried and the phones haven't stopped ringing. It seriously has taken me all day to post this. sigh. maybe tomorrow will be better??