Monday, December 21, 2009

Adventures in Flying to VA December 2009

Well folks, I made it to VA. There were many adventures along the way though.

Let me start off by reminding you that the East had a HUGE storm Friday/Saturday. There are 20 inches of snow all around the house and it's CRAZY outside. So, needless to say after all the flights being canceled on Saturday, we were worried that ours would have a ton of delays. Luckily for us, our flight was scheduled as normal.

Sister B and i got to the airport 1 hour and 45 minutes before we were scheduled to leave and so we had plenty of time to get through security. This was good, because I forgot to take off my nifty knee sleeve that has metal down the sides and I went off in the booth 3 times. I ended up getting the FULL metal detector swipe. Of course, I'm wearing a bra with a metal support AND pants that have little snaps EVERYWHERE and the wand is WAY more sensitive than the walk-through I literally got the full pat down. It was hilarious.

We get to our gate and have plenty of time to wait. It wasn't awful though and soon we were on the plane. The captain comes on to tell us we have to wait for the defroster guys to come and defrost our engines before we can take off. Well, an hour later we're still sitting there because the defroster guys got confused and forgot about us.  Finally they come to defrost our engines, but then they're .... stupid? and put the wrong kind of stuff in our engines. We're not allowed to leave. Instead, they make us all pile off the plane, they gave us a meal voucher and then said they'd bring another plane to us. Finally, at 12:30 pm we were cleared for take off and we were in the air to VA. We were 2.5 hours later than scheduled so my poor family had to chill in the airport. It was sad.

We finally landed and there was a sweet reunion down by the baggage claim. We drove to the house...except when my dad pulled in the driveway of a house I was confused. You see, it wasn't the same house as last year. Now - a little back story. My family moved to a really old colonial house last August. The heater has never worked, and the landlords (my family was renting) wouldn't fix it until we closed on the house. (it's how it was written in the contract)  It has been REALLY frustrating for my parents. They started looking at their options, and found another house that doesn't have as much land, or a place for my mom's studio, BUT it has working heat and is overall just BETTER for my family. So! We drive up to this house and my parents tell us to get out and go say hi to Grandpa. So needless to say things are crazy around here. Things are still in boxes everywhere. The tree just got put up a day or so ago and has to be decorated. (which will be fun to do! i missed this last year) there are no christmas cookies or fudge or ANYTHING in the house so we have to make it all.

Pretty much this vacation is going to rock because i am getting paid to decorate, cook, and eat. I'm rather excited about it all. Hopefully the rest of my vacation is not as eventful and our flight back to UT goes pretty normal.

Now, I think I'm going to go cook something yummy. :o)


cspokey said...

Wow, that's crazy! Glad you made it there age in the end. :)

The Boob Nazi said...

Did you get a boob graze? I got that once. It was fun.