Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the ABC's of VA

So this year, to document my little trip to visit my family in VA I'm going to do the ABC's of my trip. I had a wonderful trip and did many fun things.

A is for Avatar. This was an AMAZING movie. I really enjoyed it. It was visually stimulating and the soundtrack was just freakin' awesome.

B is for Bowl games. Specifically the Maaco Bowl Game Las Vegas. aka the Las Vegas Bowl Game. BYU vs. Oregon St. BYU WON!! (Also Utah won, that is good for the conference)

C is for CHRISTMAS!!!! woot woot! The wonderful things I got this year include: a waffle maker, gift cards, money, slippers, chocolate, a super cute apron, etc. It was a lovely Christmas.

D is for Dinner. I helped out a TON more this year than I have in years past. My favorite part was decorating the table for our feast. It looks gorgeous.

E is for equality. specifically, sibling equality. I forget what it's like to have to share chores and other things with my siblings. Lately, it's only been Brother C and Sister D living at home. So having me and Sister B at home again throws things out of whack and the other two are demanding equality. It sort of drives me nuts, to be honest. sigh. oh well.

F is for Family. I love my family. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. At the same time, I'm glad to be back in MY BED and closer to the BF and all that jazz. I definitely missed him a ton.

G is for Grandpas. I only have my 2 grandpas alive these days. My maternal grandfather lives with my family, and I enjoyed being able to spend a little bit of time with him. I haven't seen him in a year and so it was fun to be around him again. Grandparents are just awesome.

H is for a House. Specifically, our new house. My parents did a great job of not making us feel like just workhorses to help move the family across town. It was weird to spend the holidays in a different house from last year.

I is for ICE. Our new driveway really likes to attract the ice. This is not fun when wearing 3.5 inch heels. Just sayin'

J is for jokes. My family loves to make fun of me and they didn't disappoint this year. i don't remember all the things we laughed at, but we laughed a lot.

K is for Kangroos. and lions, or more specifically Food Lion. Random, I know, but it's a grocery store in VA and close to my fam and well...I went there. It was festive. Or something.

L is for Love. I love my family. and SwingKid and vacations that I get paid for. :o)

M is for Money. I got some Money for Christmas. YAY money!!!

N is for Nutella. Which I did not eat at all while in VA, BUT I saw it at the Food Lion it counts right?

O is for O Christmas Tree. I got to decorate our tree this year for the first time in many years. It was pleasant. And enjoyable.

P is for Planes. I rode two of them and sat on three. Long story. See previous postage for explanations.

Q is for quagmires. I spelled this word in a spelling game. I am awesome.

R is for Ratatouille. I got this movie for Christmas, and I'm rather excited by that fact. :o) Woo hoo for building up my movie collection!!

S is for Star Trek. I got this movie for my daddy for Christmas. We watched it the evening of Christmas. It was a fun watch. What was even more fun was the fact that it had a digital copy and I put it on my iPod. :o) Now I can watch it too. WEE!!

T is for Twitter. I twittered quite a bit in VA. Are you following me? Cause you should.

U is for uhh.....

V is for vacation. I needed a vacation. this little trip was a great vacation. that I got paid for it was a HUGE plus.

W is for White Christmas. I watched the movie with my fam Christmas Eve (LOVE IT!) and then there's the fact that I HAD a white Christmas. :o)

X you know how hard it is to find words that start with X? I know. Lots of word gaming played this weekend. I know. Trust me.

Y is for Yellow. My mom and I are both very yellow people. We like to play when we're together. We played. It was fun. :o)

Z is for......nothing. It's the end. Hope you had a great holiday. I know I did.


The Boob Nazi said...

I didn't get any movies for Christmas! How odd.