Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Why am I not in bed yet? It's Midnight. I just finished my cleaning check. I have a page left to write on a paper that isn't making sense to me. I have to be up in 6.5 hours. I think I might shower now so as to enjoy just a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning....

I also have a ton of reading to accomplish for class tomorrow. Bah. That might not happen. I might just read about it afterwards.  

On the upside, my apartment is ridiculously clean right now. Hopefully we can keep it like this for a long time. That would rock my world. I think this warrants ice cream...too bad I don't want to wash dishes, so I'm not going to dirty any, so I'm just going to go and finish my paper and take a wonderful shower. (that's quite the sentence, and I don't care)

Here's hoping you're getting more sleep than me!