Wednesday, October 01, 2008


how do you help someone who feels apathetic towards many things?

how do you help them get out of that "rut?" 

what do you tell them when they tell you that they feel apathetic, but at the same time they love being with you and don't want to let you go?

how do you help them when they say there is nothing you can do for them, but you know deep down there's got to be something?



Matt and Amber said...

Well hun, truth is, you really can't change them. If they don't care about things - they are going to not care. Clearly they care about you - I suppose you could use that as leverage if this apathy is creating a negative behavior or emotion, but ultimately - they have to change their own feelings. They may outwardly do something, say for you, but that doesn't mean they'll care about it in their own heart. They're just doing it because they care about you. You can suggest things or challenge them to try something ('specially if it's church related), but once again, that doesn't mean they'll develop a care for the thing. Sorry hun.

Heather said...

I hate being in situations/relationships like that. It's so frustrating!