Friday, October 06, 2006

the weekend...

so this week has just dragged on by. monday and tuesday went by fast enough, but when it came to wednesday, man alive!!! i thought the day would NEVER end! but i finally made it home and called BG just to say hi, and we talked for an hour. :D he's picking me up at 6:30 tomorrow evening and we're going to go to dinner and then eat dessert at his apartment and watch a movie. i'm kind of excited. i'm hoping some cuddling ensues, and i'm pretty sure he'll make a move to hold my hand. 2 people think that he's going to kiss me, however i don't think that's going to happen. lol, i'll be just fine with a hand hold and some cuddling during the movie. good stuff. :D

i just have to get through tonight first....but i think i can do that, i'm going to study like mad, eat a good dinner, do a load of laundry so i can wear a cute outfit for tomorrow, and go to bed early so i can be up in time for my 7am call for rehearsal tomorrow. shall be a busy weekend, and now, i best be back to work. ciao.