Monday, October 30, 2006

a calming weekend, meeting family, and a change of 'nyms.... to start off with, the change of 'nyms BG is now Boyfriend. :) because yes siree we are dating. it's kind of strange to think about see...i haven't had a boyfriend since i was in high school. all the boys i have liked and gone out with since then have been just friends. we may have gone on a bunch of dates (such as was the deal-io with salad) but no boyfriend. so this whole bf/gf thing is kind of interesting...don't get me wrong. I like it. It's just a change, but a good change that 's for sure.

next: a calming weekend.
i really did have a calming weekend, i spent a lot of time on homework, rehearsal (our show is in 11 days!!! YIKES!!!) and a date with the Boyfriend. :) which leads us into...

Meeting Family
now, when i'm just friends w/someone and i take someone home, it's not a big deal. my fam lives close and they are usually chill with me bringing people home whenever. so it wasn't a huge thing when Boyfriend met my fam at a family dinner party for my dad's b-day. but....i went to his bro-in-law's b-day bbq, it felt slightly different. i mean, we're dating now, so we're holding hands the entire time and what not, and i just had a feeling that his family was looking and getting to know me not from the point of us just being friends, but from the point of me being a girlfriend. i mean, i was chill with it, but it just felt different. :)

all in all i am enjoying this whole dating business. it's different that's for sure, but i like it. and now, i must leave you. ciao.


Anikatrina said...

Hey Alishka, we so need to talk more! I'd heard about Boyfriend from Nikki . . I'm so excited for you! We'll have to get together and swap stories (yes, I'm dating someone finally!) Love ya lots