Thursday, July 13, 2006

Strange dreams...

Okay, so I had weird dreams and some of my friends were in it, but because of the nature of the dreams I am not going to use their normal nyms so that when they read this they don't freak out okay?

so I am all sleeping, and for some reason I go and tell dance teacher boss that I am engaged, and somehow she now works in a bridal shop that is popular here in my town. So I am at this bridal shop and I tell them what I am looking for in a dress, and they have me try on some very interesting dresses. Some immodest, some modest, some gorgeous, some ugly, and while I am doing this boy #1 comes in and looks like he's going to cry. He tells me that he is lost or something and is just super depressed and so I am sitting next to him, in a bridal store, next to boy#1 trying to comfort him, and I hold his hand, and then when I go to hold it again, he like gets super scared of me being forward cause he finds out I'm not really engaged, even though earlier I said I was, but now I'm not. So he 'runs away' b/c I am being so forward.
-that was like 2 dreams, but they blended so it was weird.

my 3rd dream consisted of me now, walking on campus, on a familiar path and I see boy#1 again but he doesn't see me as I am coming up behind him. And I get the sudden urge to just go up to him and hold his hand (obviously something has been on my mind...) and so I do, and he like stops, looks at me, says wow, and we keep walking hand in hand, and we talk a little and end up dating.

So NOW, my question to all you guys, and any one else with a comment, is what if some girl that you knew, and had been on at least one date with, had been friends for a very long time with, came up to you while walking and just suddenly grabbed your hand and held it? What would you think? Would you drop her hand? Keep holding it? Run away? Kiss her? What do you think? Is this an experiment that I should try in real life? I have always considered it, but have never done it...So readers (how few and in between you are) lend your thoughts...


Anonymous said...

You should definitely decide to experiment on this. On me ;). Of course, that experiment would be of no worth, since I already know what you're trying to test. But at least it would involve me holding hands with a cute girl ;).

Seriously though, I'm glad that I've moved up to boy #1. Psycho #3 just wasn't right for me.

Really seriously though, I think I would act something like what boy #1 did. I would probably make a joke of it (as I do everything), but I would definitely be a little nervous about your sudden lack of engagedness followed by a fairly strong show of affection towards me. Not that I could blame you for falling for me ;).

Jacob said...

Dearest Alishka,

You should forget about boy#1 and concentrate on man#1. You will know when you have found said man because he will make you feel like more than just another girl. But since we are only using aliases today, we can continue calling him boy#1 for now.

Most boys I know don't think too quickly, so if your surprise handholding attack were to be completely unpredictable, he probably wouldn't have time to think through what he should do, and so he would probably just stick with the status quo which would be continuing to hold your hand.

May I suggest however that you don't can you boy so unaware. You should try sending him some signals through flirting first. This will give him a head start on thinking about what he thinks about you, and will allow his reaction to said handholding attack be more representative of what he feels about you. This reaction could be anything from running away scared to dropping to a knee and proposing, although I would guess the actual response would tend toward more of a gaussian mean.

If I were to take a more personal application to your inquiry, I think my reaction would be quite moderate, even though my thoughts would race and be more extreme. For example, if a girl I really liked suddenly held my hand, I would probably just keep on holding it and give her a nice smile, while internally shouting for joy and resisting internal desires to kiss her immediately, followed by high feelings for five to eight business days plus weekends. On the other hand, if it were a girl that I were not at all interested in, I probably would seem quite calm, while internally I would panic and become a mess, and in short time I would find an excuse to break the hand connection and keep my hands in my pockets until death.