Wednesday, July 12, 2006

one hurt toe along with a walk in the rain

so i wad dancicng on monday in my ballet class, and i was doing a leap when all of a sudden as i was coming down, my toe got in the way, and wham, i landed on it. at first i thought i had just stubbed my toe but when i went down to the training room for the trainer to treat my knee, my toe still hurt. she took a look at the toe, played around with it a little and declared it sprained. tuesday i went to class, but i couldn't do much, and i was sad because many of the combinations they were doing are my favorite kind. sad :( so last night with my taped up toe, i took a step outside and lo and behold it was cloudy, sprinkling, slightly breezy and smelled like rain! how i wished i could have gone on a walk with a boy (even with my sprained toe that hurts to walk, do anything really...) but alas, with no boy around to go with me i took a mini walk around my complex by myself and relished the beautiful weather. and that was that. and that's all i have to say today. ciao.