Monday, July 24, 2006


so i went to a homecoming today for a friend from high school. hard to believe its been 2 years since he's been gone. how time flies. the funny thing is, i am sitting in the chapel just smiling at him, and after his talk i go up to say hi and he told me that he didn't recognize me at first. he said he knew that he should know who i am, and then he realized who i was. it was funny, cause i didn't think i had changed that much, but then i guess he probably remembers me as the girl with glasses, and now i wear contacts, my hair is tons longer than it was back then, and he thinks its a different color although i haven't changed it, the sun might have, but i haven't, and he just said i look older, which is good. i asked my mom and dad what they thought, and they said that i had definitley changed in the past two years, but for the better and not for the worse. which i think is crazy, but then it makes me think what will all my other friends think? they all start coming home and i wonder what they will think of me? so who knows. i know i have changed, and i wonder if they'll like the changes. i sure hope so.