Thursday, April 06, 2006

stupid weather

so this is what it was like (kind of) wlaking to school this morning. rain. but then the rain started to turn into snow. and now it is snowing. needless to say i got to work 5 minutes later than normal (not that big of deal, but still) and the whole front of my jeans were wet, and the back dry. i hate wearing wet jeans. not my favorite feeling in the world. yuck. but now, thankfully, my jeans are dry. i think. at least drier than they were 2 hours ago. ha ha ha. gotta love the utah spring. not. i think its supposed to be nice tomorrow though. and that makes me happy. i like nice weather. i got a new phone, its cute. the Samsung X495. lol. its nice to have a nice phone since my last one was crap and the one before that got dropped in the toilet. ha ha ha.. well that's all for now folks. ta ta!