Friday, March 24, 2006

dum de dum dum DUM!

la de la la. i love spring. i am sitting here in my office knowing that when i leave for class in about 15 minutes it is going to be absolutely gorgeous outside, and thus the reason for the cute cap sleeve top, new jean skirt and sandals that i am wearing today. la de la la. i love spring.....he he he....
now if everything was in bloom, i would be even happier, but i am just glad the weather is nice for now. it really does make me smile. what else is new, oh yeah i teach sunday school on sunday, its pretty much going to be the coolest lesson ever. i am so excited. i didn't know how this whole teaching thing was going to go, but its working out for me, and i really enjoy it. whee!!! well that's all for now folks!