Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy Birthday

HURRAY!! for my birthday! (which was yesterday) lol. i had an awesome one with an awesome weekend. it was the bomb.

i got a date for my birthday, which was my wish. went out with tall fish from my ward, we're good friends and he took me out for thai food, which i have never had before, but its way good.

had a lot of people remember it was my birthday including the office, so had many mini-celebrations throughout the day and enjoyed myself alot.

funny stories happened this weekend, too much to post, but lets put it this way, i way like voice guy, he knows this and i am not asking him out again, but i might not have to b/c i have been told by my atheltic training friend from the ward that i am not allowed to make plans for tonight, and i need to hang out around my apt. she tells me this after voice guy left her apt. ha ha ha. so we'll see what happens tonight. i decided to look my best school cute so that i don't let on that i know alot of what might happen. so i am wearing my favorite rusty red shirt (its cold or else i would have worn my new pink t-shirt i got for my b-day) and my hair is up in braids on my head with a fun red ribbon that matches my shirt. yeah for feeling hot.

my roomies and family all gave me stuff that was perfect for me, and i am very excited to spend my b-day money that i recieved. i pulled in a lot of moolah this year which is exciting, i think i might buy some new toe pads for dancing, maybe a new leotard, and definitely some new clothes and fun lotion/smelly/feel pretty stuff.

also had a really fun lunch date yesterday w/an awesome friend. i love her! her little girl that i teach came with us and she is just a doll. she was very sweet to take me out to lunch.

my dad came by, and one of my presents was his old/my new palm pilot. i am excited to get working and try to use it well. :)

i think that is all. all in all i had an awesome b-day, and i think that some of that awesomeness might transfer to today, but that won't happen until all of my classes are over and he gets home which is after i get home, so i have to make myself be busy since i have no idea when anything is happening. ugh. but i am excited.......stay tuned for updates.