Friday, February 24, 2006

an AMAZING show!!!

holy cow. i am still on a high from last night. the show was amazing. it was awesome. i was perfect. i have never done such a good job on all of my pieces in one night. it was the coolest thing ever. all my friends loved it, i haven't heard of one complaint yet, i have recieved many compliments on my dance that i choreographed, which is good, that is what i like to hear, and i hit my special the only time last night. hurrah!

firebird was just awesome last night. i did some darker makeup, my hair was amazingly cool, and i was just on, the death scene was wicked cool, and i went off stage feeling like i had done everything i could to make the show perfect. i still get the chills over it. hurrah!

so now i am sitting here still excited after last night, but exhausted, with homework coming out my ears because i haven't had anytime to do it due to the show, and a bucket load of laundry cause i didn't do that either. so hurrah for me and lots of fun stuff to do, but i have a date tomorrow night w/voice guy to the byu ballet, and i am excited cause i know he came last night, but i didn't get to talk to him and what he thought of the show. so that will be cool. ta ta