Thursday, February 23, 2006

2 shows down, and one to go!!!!!

i can't believe we are already done with 2 shows! its insane!!!!!!! yesterday's afternoon performance went off w/out a hitch. i loved it, and i had friends from high school and friends from college there. they all loved the piece i choreographed, i have been hearing good reviews from the audience which makes me happy. :) and so many people have been shocked at how evil i can be in Firebird. i love firebird. i think it's been one of my favorite pieces so far. its been great. co. director did an awesome job at choreographing it, makes me excited for hansel and gretel this june...speaking of which, i think we find out casting for that soon.....possibly. :)

i have so many people coming to my show tonight. my family is coming, boss from work is coming, girl in ballet class, and a bazillion people from my ward, pretty much all my really good friends. including the guy that i like...voice guy. :)

voice guy and i are going on a date saturday night to BYU's ballet in concert performance. we have 2nd row seats, which is really close, but it will be awesome. and i know he's wearing a shirt and tie, and i will prolly wear black slacks, my new pink sweater and black jacket from roomie C

roomie C got married 2 days ago. i can't believe she is married. holy moly. that is roomie #4 to get married. craziness.

well i think that's all....there is such a long time to my show that i am not nervous, at least not yet, but i have a feeling i could get nervous when it gets closer to show starting time. i am not super worried about the show. we are ready, we were ready yesterday, and the show went off w/out a hitch, well my piece wasn't 'on' very well last night, but it still looked good. and tonight, well tonight the show is going to ROCK!!!! i am so excited. man. excited...did i mention that i am excited for all my friends to see me perform? booh yeah!!!