Friday, April 21, 2006

so....does it?

this is a very important question now that it has stopped snowing (i hope). if your lawn doesn't pass, you better fix it pronto, cause i am comin' to town and i LOVE walking through grass barefoot. i mean come on, who doesn't?? It's like the best feeling in the world. i think grass is one of the coolest things ever, and was meant to walk in barefoot, no shoes allowed because that only makes things bad and makes the grass go away, but barefoot, honestly the best thing ever.

okay now that i am done with that, today is the first day of finals. woo hoo. the past two days of reading have been awesome. Truit got back from Paris and is visiting us. Man, i have missed that girl like there is no tomorrow. i am so excited that she is back. we permed my hair on wednesday night, and then had a bridal shower for Roommie S. That was fun to see the other married roomies:2, 3, and 4. married roommie 1 didn't come. but that's cool.

finals aren't going to be too horrendous, just monday and tuesday, although i am worried on how well i will do, but i guess i'll just spend the rest of today and all afternoon tomorrow studying. yuck. but then, i am done and will get to play. huzzah!!

and to close, i'll end with some more pictures to encourage you to fix your yucky grass....