Monday, January 30, 2006

a weekend of dates, and homework

do do do.....i had a very nice weekend. i had a date with the voice guy from my ward, and one with my anatomy study buddy from last semester, plus i got some homework done!!

i got home and hurried and took a shower. roomie b, me, and our dates came to our apt and we made cookies and hot cocoa which we ate on our drive to slc. we then watched the new joseph smith restoration movie, which i LOVE! then we came home and talked and what not. it was a lot of fun, and my crush of the week is voice guy.

rehearsal followed by me taking a test, which i only studied 1/2 an hour for, and have fallen asleep every time, and i got an 82.6 percent. so i am happy. then i wrote a paper. after that i took a shower and went on a date with my anatomy study buddy from last semester. we went to Dance in Concert by Dancer's Company. It was an amazing show. i really thoroughly enjoyed it. :D my date was fun too. we got ice cream afterwards and then we played games @ my apt. so that was cool.

overall it was a good weekend, i really want voice guy to ask me out. that would make my day. :) till next time. ~me
p.s. three weeks to my show. craziness.