Sunday, January 15, 2006

first week of school, and a dead cell phone

so here is the update, its been a great week, went by pretty well for the first week. and for the first time in 3 semesters i don't have to change my schedule!!! More on that later...

So i woke up and went to work, work was very busy, and that was great, cause i hate it when work is boring. it kind of drives me nuts.
then i went to ballet. i love 391R class! it was amazing! so after that i went to pointe, but we didn't have to dance for pointe b/c 390R didn't dress out. so that was cool. then i changed and went to stats. and guess who is in my class? Toffer! I know him through my dancing friend SG. So that was pretty cool. Toffer is pretty awesome and its nice to already have a friend in stats.
well stats and history are in the same classroom right after each other, and i was sitting in my seat waiting for history to start when guess who i saw walk in? Syrup!!! I was soooooo excited!!! so now i have a friend in history too. syrup came and sat next to me and we kind of got caught up in the each other's lives and i am excited for history now.
then it was off to sharing the gospel. which is an awesome class and i love it! its great.
fhe was good, then i came home and did homework. it was all swell.

another day of work, which went by quickly. i skipped devotional cause i felt like it. then i went to my healthy living class. that class is going to be the bain of my existence. i hate it. but oh well. i'll do what i can to enjoy it. yeah right. so then i change and go upstairs for ballet, but ballet had been cancelled b/c the prof. wasn't going to make it to teach. so i got to go home earlier than normal. i took care of some things in the apt. then MC picked me up for company. we went up to lindon and company was great! after that i came home and did more homework. yeah for me being responsible. :p

work work work. i love earning money for work!! :D then it was off to ballet, where i am informed in ballet that level placement would be happening that day and thursday, crap...i think i don't want to be in 390R again. so i start working my butt off.....and get sore in the process. pointe was good but my feet hurt cause i had broke in new pointe shoes that night before. then stats, followed by history. ok funny story here. so i am waiting for history to start right? well...i know that syrup is going to be there, so i save him a seat and wait for him to come in. well i finally see him come in, and i give him a big smile, and then wink at him. (it was a very flirty wink fyi) he holds my gaze....and winks back!!!!!! it made me laugh. then he comes up to me and says 'you saved me a seat!' and i said 'what else was i going to do??' so we sat together and it was grand. after history i came home ate dinner and then dr. teeth came over and we rehearsed for our piece that is going to be shown in like 5 weeks. hurrah. it was a good rehearsal. then i did more homework, watched the mens basketball game, which we lost. but hey, its all good.

work, no stats lab so i did some reading. then i went to ballet, i am sooo sore it wasn't even funny. they watch us so the now how to place us. they talked to us afterwards, and guess what?!! I get to stay in the 391R class!!! they aren't making me change my schedule for the first time in 3 semesters! i was super excited!! then i left immediately and went to teaching, which after that i had a 1/2 hour break and then we left and went to orem for company (lots of dancing i am telling you, its great.) after company i did more homework and went to bed really early cause i was super tired.

work again....then ballet. i was so sore...but i worked hard. i need to keep working hard. pointe was good. then stats. toffer makes me laugh. i like sitting next to him in class. then history. syrup came in and sat next to me. :) i really like that kid. its great. after history we actually talked some more ,a little about his mission too, which was cool to hear about it, even if i did write him. so then i came home and had to go to the bathroom, well my phone was in my back pocket, and it fell in to the toilet. it was only in there for a few seconds, but it stopped working .i was devestated. so then i had a date cause becky asked me to double w/her and her blind date. i took DB my hometeacher from winter 2005. we went to the men's volleyball game and jamba juice. it was SO much fun. DB is a cool guy and i like him too...

after letting my phone dry overnight, i find that it still works. i was ecstatic. :D but then....after company and teaching ,and the teacher meeting (actually during the teacher meeting) it stopped working. and its not working as of right now. i don't know what i am going to do. there is the exact same phone on ebay so i might just have to buy it. but is kind of driving me nuts that my phone isn't working. my mom tells me i should just live w/out it until we can upgrade in april, but i can't do that. so many ppl only have my cell phone number, its my life. so i might just have to buy a new one. i am going to t-mobile tomorrow to figure things out. yuk. i also have rehearsal tomorrow, but that's cool cause i get to learn my part for Firebird which we are performing in a few weeks. hurray for the show! well i need to get ready, so i am out of here...! :)