Wednesday, January 25, 2006

another week or so gone by

whew. its been a great week, and i am doing just grand.

new things:
  • i hate long rehearsals, even though they are necessary
  • i went on a hot date on saturday with mr. dr. z-man, and i really like him
  • the new joseph smith restoration movie is amazing, and i am going again on friday
  • i have a date on saturday, but not with person that i like, but hey its a good friend and we'll have fun.
  • we have less than a month to our show, and if you haven't heard of it by now here are the details: February 22nd and February 23 at the UVSC Ragan Theater, Pointe Counter-Pointe featuring Ballet Utah. This show will have excerpts from Swan Lake, a 20-minute version of Firebird (in which i am the evil the evil witch!!!!), and other cool contemporary works, including one that I choreographed myself. Here are more details:
    February 22nd at 4:30 and 7:30 (but you should come to the 4:30 because that is when I am soloing ) or on February 23rd at 7:30 (I also solo at this show)
    In other words, you should come to the 4:30 on Wednesday the 22nd or the 7:30 on Thursday the 23rd to see me be the evil witch in Firebird. This is honestly going to be the coolest show I have ever done and you really should come. Tickets are $7 from me, and $8 at the door. Email me at all.cuteness (at sign) gmail (dot) com for tickets.
  • my muscles are rebelling from all the classes and rehearsals, and i think i injured something, but i am trying to nurse it back to being healthy
  • i thoroughly love my job. its grand.
  • did i mention that i really like mr. dr. z-man?
  • i am mostly on top of my homework, which is amazing, and feels great, i should be like this every semester. :D
  • i got a cell phone from my dad that i think is going to work and hold me over for the next 3 months....we'll see.
i think that's all. its a random list. hopefully any of you crazy people out their will come to my show...hopefully. i love ya!