Friday, December 22, 2006


yep, that's me. free at last. :D Finals ended for me on wednesday. i worked a lot yesterday, and then today i'm working all day long...minus lunch of course. :D

so i get to go home tonight for christmas. i am so excited. i can't believe that christmast is in just 3 days!!! it seems to come faster with finals so close to the actual holiday. i remember last year when it seemed to take AGES for christmas to get here, or when i was a little girl and it would take an eternity. Christmas Eve always seemed SOOOO long!! incredible how things change. :D

so my boss gave me a project to work on while i'm working during the break (i'm just taking a break from my project, you'll see why in a minute)
so we have a professor who is retiring and she has an office full of books. and i mean full of books.
it makes me think of beauty and the beast and the beast's library... that's how many books this professor has. :S anyways, she is going to be taking some with her, leaving some here, and some of her colleauges and students and what not are going to come and get some as well...except she has no idea exactly what she has or how many copies of what she has. so guess what? i get to go through and type up the title and author of EVERY SINGLE BOOK/MAGAZINE/JOURNAL that she has. it's crazy i tell you. it gives me something to do, but man alive it is so tedious. plus i have to stand on the desk/ladder to get to the books. and they're hard to reach! but's my job. and i get paid to do it. so its all good.

well...i should probably get back to my lovely book project. Merry Christmas!!!!


Liz Muir said...

Alicia, you should think about using LibraryThing for your book project. I bet the professor might appreciate it . . . Check it out at