Friday, December 15, 2006

end of semester woes

well y'all. it came. the end of the semester. FINALLY! HURRAH!!! i am so HAPPY! but also...there are woes.

for example, i hurt my ankle a week and a half ago and had to video tape my FINAL for my 3 ballet classes on monday. that wasn't pleasant. I did well enough, but it could have been so much better had my ankle been 100% instead of only 75%. bah. oh well.

another woe: my ridiculous music class required for my major. where i bang on an african drum for hours on end, my hands get dry and alas, i am no better dancer musically. blech.

woe #3: biology. who in the world decided it would be cool to require everyone to take bio 100? i certainly am not the culprit. but here i am taking the stupid class....because i have to. how i hate ge's...

there are many more woes, but that's all i want to complain about...for now. :D overall i am very excited that this semester is over and that i have a new one coming up in which i get to start fresh and can kind of relax. i get to work full time during christmas (promises to pay well, but be extremely and i'll probably post some more during that time. about who knows what. oh i know! i tell y'all how i got closure with the whole boyfriend thing...but that will have to wait for another day. for now, i am going to go and finish my student ratings for my professors and their classes. oh joy. :S ciao.